About Us

Schema is a leading Sustainability advisory practice in the Middle East and North Africa region that focuses purely on Sustainability through environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, allowing us to maintain our focus and evolve with the rapid development in these fields.

Schema’s Corporate Governance (“CG”) division is a pioneer in establishing best practices and tailoring successful frameworks to ensure Sustainability through effective implementation of CG principles, including accountability, transparency and disclosure.

Schema's Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") division is at the forefront of providing tailored solutions for clients to maximize the impact of their CSR investments; enhancing their Sustainability while building internal CSR capacity in the process.

Schema’s advancing with the environmental needs of our clients and the technological and regulatory changes in the region. We help our clients manage their environmental footprint, and support with calculating their carbon emissions up to international standards.

Why Choose Us

We have one of the biggest Track Records in turning
our clients visions into realities

By bringing world-class LEADERSHIP to our engagements, PASSION to our work, and INTEGRITY to our deliverables, we build lasting PARTNERSHIPS.
We are Strategic Thinkers and Innovation Addicts with a broad range of skills and expertise in creating value and unlocking potential around every turn

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While there are worldwide principles for CG and CR, each region, and even each country, evolves within a unique political and social context. It is for these reasons that Schema focuses on providing value to our clients through top notch tailored sustainability solutions that maximize impact by combining innovation, best practices and regional relevance.

Our Initiatives

Our team is continually developing and rolling our personal initiatives that are making a difference.

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To check out our publications please visit our knowledge centre.

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