Board Structure

The success of many organizations lies in the effective operations of the board. The board is the engine that drives the organization towards success. We can work closely with the board to assist it to ensure that it achieves the desired results.

We Provide:

  • A clear outline on the board of directors roles and responsibilities to the company’s shareholders, employees, clients, and the broader communities in which they operate through terms of references and/or a detailed board charter.
  • Board operating procedures through which the board of directors can discharge their duties with integrity, honesty, and transparency.
  • Assessment on the suitability of current board structure for company's objective and recommendations for improvements.
  • Assessment of board performance through a comprehensive board evaluation. Alternatively, we can work with the chairperson to provide board evaluation methodologies for the chairperson to undertake such board evaluation.
  • Leveraging our database of locally and regionally certified board members, we work with you to identify, contact, and place the right board members to ensure an effective board composition.