Nicole Ehlermann
Policy Advisor

Nicola Ehlermann
Senior Policy and Governance Advisor

International development advisor and formerly she was Head of MENA-OECD Competitiveness Programme. Over a three-decade career, she held managerial, technical, coordination, and advisory positions in various regions and in such policy areas as mobilising foreign investment, fighting corruption and enhancing integrity, private sector development, financial markets, as well as furthering gender equality and development.

When supporting entrepreneurship and private sector development, she focused particularly on issues related to promoting growth and competitiveness through better utilization of talent pool and benefiting from diversity and inclusion. I ensured seminal publications such as the OECD flagship reports, including “No Longer Business as Usual - Fighting Bribery and Corruption” (2000), or “Bribery In Public Procurement, Methods, Actors And Counter-Measures” (2007) which led to the OECD Public Procurement Recommendation. Other publications include Women's Economic Empowerment in the MENA Region: The Impact of Legal Frameworks in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia” (2017), “Women and Business 2014: Accelerating the Development of Entrepreneurship in the MENA Region” (2014), Women in Business: Policies to Support Women's Entrepreneurship Development in the MENA Region (2012).

Proven track record in successfully engaging policy makers in policy dialogues supportive of economic reforms, including by creating, developing and managing innovative and unique policy platforms. Outstanding expertise and experience in engaging in policy reforms building on analytical reviews, the identification of policy challenges and support change through policy recommendations.