Sustainability Reporting

Envision – Stakeholder Engagement

Identification and prioritization of stakeholders, identification of tangible ways to engage them, what to engage on and how? Budget, process mapping and timeline

Structure – Materiality and Data Collection

Analyze stakeholder engagement outcome and create a materiality matrix. Identify data to be collected and method/frequency of collection

Go – Strategy and Story Board

Re-affirm the sustainability strategy in line with the business objectives and stakeholder engagement and materiality matrix. Define the story and business sustainability journey.

Oversight – Milestone Check

Milestone check for finalizing, preparing, printing sustainability report.


This is a series of three workshops for a total of 6 days. The oversight component is optional if you wish further support with monitoring performance and KPI’s

At the end of each workshop the participants would have clear identifiable outputs that they can internally discuss and assess.


Stakeholder engagement process and oversight of the process


Agreed on materiality matrix . The data points to be reported on and data collection methodology


A strategy and story to be reported and a reporting outline


Regular checks on achievements against the agreed on timeline.